'The beauty of design' - that is Planet Design and Consulting's way of solving the myriad problems that so many of our clients face.

2008... Tokyo, Japan. The birth of PDC, Planet Design and Consulting; it all started with transforming the interiors and architectural design parameters of offices as well as refining project management, in Shanghai as well as here at home in Japan.

Building on our catalogue of early successes and with an eye firmly on the sparkling promise of the future, we now find ourselves at work in the hurly-burly of Hong Kong, the hustle 'n' bustle of Beijing and the unique 'east meets west' city of Hanoi.

Responding to and relishing the challenges of this ever-changing business landscape, although we prefer to call it a dreamscape, we at PDC have added a few more arrows to our burgeoning quiver of services, namely:

Urban design, retail office design, computerised planning, and our bespoke VR / AR services to boot.

We have painstakingly built a team over the years to provide first-class consulting services to meet whatever needs our valued customers throughout Asia may have, and even ones they had not even considered.

At PDC, we do not merely attempt to understand the minds, desires and values of our clients... in order to reach a total purity of purpose we become our clients, we become their passion, their dreams are our dreams.

Ever mindful of what drives you, what inspires you, what fills your every waking moment, we... Planet Design and Consulting, are artfully driven to fulfil all that you have set your hearts on to achieve, and we promise that we will!

PDC Group CEO, 白﨑 裕
Hiroshi Shirasaki

PDCグループ代表 白﨑 裕