Considering all the possible scenario and making on-target and pre-emptive moves through the design with true value.

PDC is the collective of the professionals who is capable of designing the space with overwhelming beauty and maximizing the value of the company through the design and rebranding.

We believe the true essence of the design and brand reveals itself through the distillation of thoughts. We solve your challenges by the design derived from the process.

PDC provides the special design and consulting services through our hubs in Tokyo, Osaka, fast-growing countries in ASEAN and NYC.

We are living in the time where “current self” cannot be maintained without moving forward… Let’s explore together to find the best and only solution for you toward the future. With the space with absolute beauty…

PDC Group CEO, 白﨑 裕
Hiroshi Shirasaki

PDCグループ代表 白﨑 裕